i’ve been on the roller coaster of life…including cancer and depression ..BUT   i LOVE new,interesting and fun,news!  i think life is to be savoured,enjoyed and wrung out to the last drop!!   i want to laugh,imagine and day dream!!   the moment is NOW and the future is a mist shrouded secret that we all hope will be there when we wake up!   don’t wait to live your life!   don’t schedule the good times for later!  don’t think that next week/month/year will be a good time to have a holiday/baby/party/re-union….. because you are pinning your dreams on an invisible/unknown/uncertain and unrealised piece of MAYBE…   🙂     you only have the seconds that are NOW… this very point of time!   that is the only certainty!  xxx

  1. [ am interested in blogs and have started this one.i love life,pets,music and has been a roller coaster but my motto is “if life hands you a lemon ,make lemonade” 🙂

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